Intention of the ARTIADE

The ARTIADE is an international art exhibition designed to create new avenues for artistic expression outside the established routes, in order to encourage artists who might otherwise remain undiscovered and also to document contemporary society for posterity through the means of artistic endeavor.

The main criterion for selection will be the artists’ uniqueness of expression rather than any current international trends in art. Reflecting the multitude of the artist coming from the different countries. The ARTIADE represents these nations’ intellectual and spiritual aspects in the form of art, conveying the collective of human society and thus communicating cultural identity. It enhances dialog between cultures, which is important especially in today`s world.

Thus the ARTIADE team and the founder decided in favor of Berlin as an attractive venue.

art Magazin Germany

”It is the artists’ works that tell us about life in the countries from which they come…”

Gerhard Mack – ART Magazine Germany.


  • Document peaceful meetings between nations and enhance dialogue between cultures, especially important in today‘s world
  • Reflect the diversity of cultures and make art directly accessible
  • To all – not just those are already ‘in the know‘
  • Create new avenues for artistic expression outside the established routes
  • Encourage artists who might otherwise remain undiscovered
  • Show the world their skill and artistry
  • Create an international meeting place for artists and art lovers
  • Document contemporary art for posterity through the means of artistic endeavor.


Paintings, sculpture, installations, photography, video art and concept art.

For the upcoming ARTIADE, one more category will be added: that of ‘Concept Art’. During the last two decades, a trend has developed in the arts towards the new media. This trend has arisen parallel to the sector of contemporary art, and is dominated by the upsurge of computer technology. So-called ‘digital painting’ artists differ from visual artists with regards to their technical ability. “My endeavor is to establish these new trends as an art form in the scope of contemporary art. Concept artists from all over the world from this field will be able to exhibit their works in the framework of the ARTIADE.” Renate Westhoff, Founder. This new Artiade will also be the first major art exhibition featuring a dedicated concept art section. Concept Art will now be the sixth category along with Painting, Installation, Sculpture, Photography and Video Art.

The Venue

The setting for the next ARTIADE will be a 200-year old former electric substation in Berlin. 6,500 m² exhibition area are available for the artists and their artworks.


The date for artists application will be announced in 2020.

Selection process

A jury will decide on which artists will participate. The main criterion for selection will be the artists uniqueness of expression. Artists chosen by this jury will not be bound to any international trends, but will express their artistic capability and their unique qualities. This is meant to deepen our knowledge of each other and our comprehension of the manifold nature of the community of peoples.

In which cycle does it take place?

ARTIADE will be held every two years in different cities. Thus the art event will reach a broader public, and the artists will be more inspired.