New York City, USA – The ARTIADE organization is excited to announce that final preparations are nearing completion with a new partner. A Swiss crypto company specializing in digitalization in the art industry will accompany the art event on its journey.

This will mark the beginning of a unique form of showcasing art in an exhibition, because the artworks of the complete exhibition will also be transformed into NFTs. A Swiss crypto company that specializes in digitization in the art industry will stand as a strong partner.

With this transformative approach, ARTIADE aims to redefine the essence of art and introduce it to the world of cryptocurrency. Artists will experience a new form of exhibition and will be able to showcase their talents in the Olympic spirit through country diversity.

With cutting-edge technology, new marketing channels and independence are created for them. It is a digital masterpiece that transcends geographical boundaries and opens up the infinite possibilities of the virtual world.

On Tuesday, September 12, 2023 at 17:00, at the Complexe Airport Club Hotels / Restaurant / Spa, in Blotzheim/near Euro Airport Basel, the new partner of the Artiade will be announced.

To obtain an invitation, we kindly members of the press to reach out to us.