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Becoming a partner of the “ARTIADE Olympics of Art” isn’t merely a generous gesture; it’s a visionary investment in a project dedicated to forging profound connections across the world, uniting diverse individuals, nations, and cultures through the power of art and creative expression.

The ARTIADE is the original Olympics of Art and offers an international reach within art, culture, media, governments, and many other sectors.

By partnering with the ARTIADE 2024 in New York, we are presenting a unique opportunity for businesses to gain unparalleled visibility within the arts and culture community, international politics, and the corporate world. This partnership offers exposure to a diverse audience, ranging from keen observers to influential decision-makers on a global scale.

Sponsorship plays a pivotal role in bringing this project to life by providing essential funding, products, and services. As a partner of the ARTIADE, brands become an integral part of the community and gain the opportunity of establishing a deeper connection with their customers. By investing in community development and cultural activities, companies demonstrate their commitment to creating a positive impact beyond their commercial interests.

The ARTIADE provides national and international reach as well as brand positioning in relevant media and multipliers. Previous ARTIADEs had partners in business, culture, and politics.

Possible Areas of Public Appearance

  • Political institutions in the field of culture
  • Embassies
  • Cultural institutions
  • Foundations, NGO’s
  • Museums
  • Art academies, Colleges
  • Universities
  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • Cities and Communities
  • International companies and corporations
  • All other relevant media

Target Groups

  • Wide reach in public through international media attention
  • TV and radio reports, interviews, press, advertising, announcements, press conference
  • Highly frequented website
  • New targeted groups, positioning with decision-makers from business, culture and politics
  • Building relationships with powerful multipliers
  • Addressing of art lovers
  • Interesting and diverse direct contacts through your “being there“
  • Perception raising of your corporate brand in an international context
  • Positive image transfer through the promotion of a cultural project bringing people together
  • Visually rich content for your internal and external corporate media
  • Participation in a worldwide network of contacts
  • Partner of a vibrant network

Becoming a Partner

Please use the form below to enter your contact details. Once we have received your inquiry, we will propose a meeting to get to know each other and to identify commonalities, goals, and ideal collaboration conditions. Based upon these meetings and with your involvement we will then carve out a tailored promotional package to match your needs as best as possible.

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