Terms of Participation

Terms of Participation for the Application for the Exhibition “ARTIADE -Olympics of Art”

Art. 1 – Art Categories

The following artistic categories are open for receiving proposals:

  • Paintings
  • Mixed Media
  • Installations
  • Sculptures
  • Photography
  • Video Art
  • Concept Art
  • Street Art
  • Environmental Art
  • Crypto Art (i.e. NFTs)
  • Digital Art Forms

Art. 2 – Open Call Rules

  1. Acceptance of the Terms of Participation
    By submitting the application, the applicant agrees to the regulations for the Open Call and, in case of his/her selection through the internal process and/or by the jury, accepts the participation in the exhibition. An exhibition contract for the exhibition will then be agreed upon separately.
  2. Copyrights
    The Artist assures with his/her registration that his/her works do not show any legal deficiencies and that they must be free of any Third Party Source Rights. The organizer, ARTIADE Cultural Organization is in no way responsible or liable for infringements of third party source rights. The responsibility for this lies solely with the Artist.

Art. 3 – Foundations for the participation in the ARTIADE

  1. Registration Confirmation
    With his/her application, the Artist confirms that he/she has familiarized him/herself with the principles of the ARTIADE call for proposals and has agreed to the content of the application conditions.
  2. Placement or Artworks
    The Artist agrees with the placement of his/her works, which will be determined and stipulated by the ARTIADE Organization inside the exhibition premises within the framework of the event “ARTIADE – Olympics of Art”.
  3. Registration Forms
    The application forms are to be submitted with the required documentation by the Artist and must be filled in correctly.

Art. 4 – ARTIADE Publications

The organization may freely use images and impressions of the submitted works for educational and informative purposes within marketing and public relation materials, as well as on the ARTIADE website, in the run-up to the exhibition opening and thereafter. In this case, the organization will notify the Artist via their provided email address and the Artist will have 7 days to decline that the image or impression of their artwork will be used for such a purpose.

Art. 5 – Exclusion of Participation

The organization reserves the right to exclude participation. This would be the case, for example, if the application participation violates the generally applicable social and societal principles, ethical or moral standards, or the like.

Art. 6 – How to Apply

All Artists must apply using our online form.

Art. 7 – Dimensions, Weight, and Number of Works

  1. Number of Works
    The Artist can apply for the exhibition with a maximum of 4 artworks.
  2. Dimensions and Weight
    1. Sculptures
      The works should however not exceed the following dimensions: Weight max. 500 kg (kilogram), Height max. 5 m (meter), width/diameter max. 3 m (meter).
    2. Paintings / Street Art
      The works should not exceed the following dimensions: Height max. 4 m (meter), width max. 3 m (meter).
    3. Object Art
      The works should not exceed the following dimensions: Max. 50 m2 (square meter) total area, height max. 4 m.
    4. Photography / Video Art / Concept Art
      The works should be delivered in high-resolution quality.

Art. 8 – Jury and Main Contract

  1. Artist Cooperation
    The Artist agrees to cooperate in case of any inquiries in order to possibly provide information required for the jury selection process.
  2. After the Jury Selection
    The ARTIADE Organization and Jury will select and qualify the works and projects to participate in the exhibitions.
  3. Main Exhibition Agreement
    After the Jury selection of the artworks, the organization and the Artist conclude a Contract for the Artist’s participation in the exhibition.
  4. Announcement of the selected Artists
    The announcement of which Artists were selected for the exhibition will be made in a press conference and the ARTIADE Organization will inform the Artists within 48 hours prior by email.

Art. 9 – Schedule and Activities

Closing date for applicationsFebruary 29, 2024
Announcement of the ParticipantsApril – May, 2024
Submission deadline for the WorksSeptember 16, 2024
Opening CeremonySeptember 28, 2024
Exhibition periodSeptember 28 – October 28, 2024
Closing CelebrationOctober 28, 2024
Return of Artworks to the ArtistsNovember 1 – November 15, 2024
*All dates are subject to change.

Art. 10 – Privacy

The Artist’s submitted data will be treated confidentially and processed only for the purpose of the exhibition and for organizational reasons. Upon request, we will delete an Artist’s data. For further information read our privacy policy.