Dear Artist,

We have all gone through special times in the last two years.

Therefore, it should be important to document these times in art. Because art is a truly divine language and can express feelings or circumstances more than any words.

The main criterion for selection will be the artists uniqueness of expression. Artists will not be bound to any international trends, but will express their artistic capability and their unique qualities. This is meant to deepen our knowledge of each other and our comprehension of the manifold nature of the community of peoples.

Thus we would like to invite you to apply with your work of art. Please find below more information (participating) or send an email to .  We would be very delighted to present your meaningful artwork on the ARTIADE Website. 

Your works are witnesses of this present time. 

Here a few indications:

• How do you assess the overall situation since 2020?

• How could we better shape our future?

• How were your feelings during the pandemic?

• What makes it especially to the children world wide?

• What are these events doing to you? 

• Please feel free to show in your work your opinion in any way you like!

The ARTIADE intention still is and was always to generate a peaceful meeting of cultures. The artworks of the participating artists reflecting an insight into the emotions, traditions, political or social events of the country where the artists come from.


Artists from all over the world are welcome to apply in the following areas: 

• Painting
• Sculpture
• Installation
• Photography
• Video Art
• Concept Art
• Street Art


• Free participation

• Please send good quality images

• If possible, a description of the work and your CV (if you are an artist who is just starting out, then a description of the work will suffice)

• Please have patience if the answer needs a while. This can happen due to many requests. But be sure we will get back to you.

Created by:

Renate Westhoff, ARTIADE initiator and curator