Castello Coin and ARTIADE Revolutionize the Art Market

Blockchain Technology at the “Olympics of Art“

Blotzheim/Basel, September 12, 2024 –

In a groundbreaking move, ARTIADE is pioneering a new era of appreciation for the artworks by partnering with the innovative crypto company, CAST Studio. This collaboration marks a significant turning point in the art world, as selected artworks with profound artistic statements are being transformed into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This visionary step not only benefits the artists in the long run but also creates an investment opportunity that offers substantial advantages to both artists and art enthusiasts.

Castello Coin and ARTIADE

The blockchain platform CAST Studio is creating a groundbreaking digital infrastructure for art at the “ARTIADE – Olympics of Art”, as selected artworks will be offered as NFTs for the third Artiade, taking place from September 28 to October 12, 2024, in New York.

CAST Studio is a subsidiary of HoGA Capital AG. Patrick Harmuth, President of their Board of Directors, stated at the press conference, “In partnership with the Artiade, we can demonstrate how blockchain technologies will revolutionize the art market. The Artiade is the ideal partner to showcase the potential of Castello Coin. The art market of the future will seamlessly run on cryptocurrencies. Castello Coin is tailored to the art market and sees itself as a promoter of art and its unifying power. This ensures that all artists worldwide have equal opportunities in the art market.“

ARTIADE founder: “We have had a great response from artists. The exhibition in New York with the additional NFT option creates a superlative art exhibition in every respect.”

Renate Westhoff, the initiator of ARTIADE, now hosting it for the third time, sees immense potential for all involved parties in digitalization: “With Castello Coin, we provide our artists with new avenues for global self-promotion. Art can transcend borders and promote the exchange of cultures. This is particularly crucial for artists from developing countries with limited access to the art market and the financial systems of industrialized nations.” Artists can apply for the ARTIADE until February 29, 2024. Harmuth concurs: “We look forward to artworks from around the world that will bring people together in New York and on digital platforms during the Olympics of Art.”