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The ‘ARTIADE – Olympics of Art’ in New York in 2024
The application period starts July 31st 2023 to January 31st, 2024

Artists are welcome to apply.

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We invite you to be a part of the upcoming art event. ‘ARTIADE – Olympics of Art’ in New York 2024. 

> Participation does not required fee.

> Please send a web link of your Internet Appearance, or Instagram- or Facebook account to . We will then send you the application documents.

> This application documents contain all information about the application process to apply for the ARTIADE-Olympics of Art, New York 2024.



The intention of the ARTIADE – Olympics of Art is and was always to generate a peaceful meeting of cultures. The artworks of the participating artists are to give insight into the emotions, traditions, political or social events of the country from which the artists come.


The ARTIADE is a forum for the world’s contemporary art, with an awareness of the universal artistic spirit. Artists from different countries represent their intellectual and cultural identity. This promotes dialogue between cultures, which is becoming increasingly important. The ARTIADE is intended to contribute to peace, strengthen friendship and create trust.


The main criterion for selection will be the artist’s uniqueness of expression. Artists will not be bound to any international trends, but will express their artistic capability and their unique qualities. This is meant to deepen our knowledge of each other and our comprehension of the manifold nature of the community of peoples.


>  ARTIADE takes place every 2 years in a different Countries.

> Through the artworks, emotions, mentality, traditions, social events, become visible.

> The exhibition itself is a special form of expression.

> Artworks become witnesses of our time and document contemporary society for posterity, through the means of artistic endeavor.

> The participating ARTIADE ARTISTS are‚ cultural ambassadors‘ of their home country.

> International exchange for artists and art lovers.

> International connections will be formed.

> New trends in art will be born.

> Springboard, especially for young talents, or undiscovered artists.

> To create new avenues for artistic expression outside the established routes, in order to encourage artists who might otherwise remain undiscovered.

> A great enrichment for the art world and a win for everyone involved. 

> Artist participation does not required participation fee.

> The selection of the artworks will be through a jury process. 

It is always the works of art that bear witness to our time.


Paintings, sculpture, installations, photography, video art, mixed media, street art, environmental art and concept art.