July 2022 – in the field of video art

Lubomir Arsov

Bulgarian Artist based in Toronto, Canada.

A storyteller at heart, Lubomir Arsov works as an animation writer/director. His personal work explores the psychological, parapolitical, and spiritual dynamics that define the momentous time we are collectively navigating. Professionally, he has worked in production and IP development for both major and boutique animation studios, on a variety of film and TV projects. He is currently in the process of completing his second short film “The Forest King”, as part of an animated short-film anthology.

An ARTIST Exploring the SHADOWS – Episode #33 – Lubomir Arsov.

June 2022 – in the field of painting

Ricardo Pulido

Series: Myths
Title: The Destruction of the Tower of Babel.
Technique: oil on canvas.
Size: 80 X 60cm
year 2022.

Ricardo Pulido is a Colombian artist with a focus on surrealism. In his paintings and sculptures he shows various mysteries and phenomena of the universe and unknown worlds. Themes from mythologies, parallel worlds and dimensional gates, ghosts and UFOs etc. invite the viewer to take a journey through these worlds of mystery. He lives and works in Freiburg, Germany.

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