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The open call for the artists worldwide has started and ends on December 31, 2019.

We invite you to be a part of this extraordinary event. The intention of the ARTIADE is to generate a peaceful meeting of cultures. The artworks of the participating artists are to give insight into the emotions, traditions, political or social events of the country from which the artists come.

The deadline for receipt of artist application is December 31, 2019 with an application fee of 35 Euros. If you have special circumstances and you are unable to pay the application fee, we invite you to communicate this with us. Please send an E-mail to info(at)

You are welcome to apply to one or more fields of:
Painting, Installation, Sculpture, Photography, Video Art, Concept Art.

Guidance to upload your artwork on the ARTIADE Website

-> First click the button down below “register here”

-> Next it asks you to adjust the number, and in the field quantity must be written as 1 ! Because you pay only once, no matter how many categories you want to apply in.

-> Click butten “Proceed to entry from”

-> Now please fill out the required form, with your information such as address, contact details,  etc.

-> Select your category

-> In the field biography, please enter your CV (resume/bio), size of the artwork, the titel and the artwork price

-> Then please choose your payment method

-> If this is done, click the button “register”

-> When all this is completed you will  receive a confirmation from the ARTIADE office and you will be a registered artist for the ARTIADE-World of Contemporary Art in Berlin 2020

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